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A bold community for female entrepreneurs pursuing audacious success in alignment with God's purpose

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About Corina Tripon

I'm a growth coach, empowerment speaker and community builder from San Diego, Ca. I'm passionate about empowering women to own their potential and pursue audacious success. That’s why I worked hard to build a premier coaching community for Christian business owners, creatives and founders. 

Audacity isn’'t the absence of uncertainty and ambiguity. Audacity is believing that God’'s promise is bigger than my perhaps.

- Steven Furtick

Why Should You Join Me?

Ginger Root Society equips women to own their God given power and audaciously impact the world through their lives and businesses.

We recognize that we are favored, anointed and empowered by the Holy Spirit. We use our gifts, voices and faith in action to stand out from the masses in the market place and attract clients that are in alignment with our values.

We do not over hustle, neglect our joy or compromise our integrity for the sake of outstanding success. 

We trust the process, learn from our mistakes and resiliently rise to conquer a new day.

If you are being called to fulfill a purpose way beyond your capabilities, this is the group coaching and community you need to smash through limiting beliefs and audaciously align with your Creator. 

What can you expect?

 Virtual Co-Working Sessions

An hour of live virtual brainstorming, problem-solving, sharing resources, tips, tools and encouragement to propel you forward in your WORK. 


Monthly co-working sessions give you clarity, direction and accountability in your projects no matter what stage you are in. This is also an opportunity to GIVE your expertise, advice and encouragement to society members. 

Be prepared for feedback, accountability and forward momentum!

Virtual Networking 

+ Collaboration

Monthly virtual networking dates allow members to connect and get to know each other! This is a no pressure, no agenda, only opportunity to get to connect and build closer relationships. Grab a cup of something yummy and meet up for good conversation with the audacious women of GRS. 


Have a new idea, service or dream you want to pursue? 

Or do you need to get confident in pitching yourself and talking about your business, passion project or new service? 

Pitch-Fest is a safe and constructive space for you to let out your nerves and own what you're doing! 

You will have 90 seconds to "pitch" yourself/product/idea and then you will have 5-10 minutes to receive questions and constructive feedback from the group. 

You will leave with better understanding of yourself, clear on how to communicate it with others and excited to pursue your opportunities. 

Group Growth Coaching

Learn how to use your fear as fuel to conquering your ambitions and living in alignment with your audacious potential. When it comes to success, it's not a matter of IF it's a matter of how much fear you can discredit.

I teach you the critical mindset switch that will empower you take inspired action, own your potential and massively impact the world around you.

This session also includes "Hot Seat Coaching" where I coach members on the spot. This gives you the unique opportunity to learn about blocks and hurdles that you may not even know are impacting your life. You gain insight into someone else's process which may spark a whole new perspective into your own life and business. 

Share Your Genius

This is a session where members take the spotlight and lead a virtual event to share their expertise, experience and genius. Members have the opportunity to rise up as leaders to impact the growth of our community in your own unique way!    

Share Your Genius sessions also align you with your ideal clients and give the community a taste of your voice, style and level of expertise so they can make an informed decision in hiring or referring you to their clients.



A Big Thank You

When you join Ginger Root Society, you will receive a complimentary 1-1 coaching session to build your belief, clarity and confidence. Truly, this one-hour session can be spent addressing any needs you may have as you flow between motherhood, entrepreneurship and every other role we have the privilege to graciously fill. 

  I look forward to knowing you and growing together!



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